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More than an “exercise along” video, this program goes one step further and provides a road map that will teach you how to safely progress exercise activities over a period of years in order to help you stay motivated and derive the greatest benefit from your workouts.

The Davis Phinney Foundation’s mission is to help people living with Parkinson’s disease to live well today. This video reflects our dedication to providing information, inspiration and tools to help you be at your best and to make every victory count.

Video Contents Include:

  • Introduction to Exercising with Parkinson’s Disease
    • Benefits
    • Keys to Success
    • Maintaining Momentum
  • Exercising to Live Well with Parkinson’s Disease
    • At Home Workout (Standard and Advanced) with Twice-Weekly Variations
    • Fitness Center Workout
    • Community Walking
    • RX for a Lifetime of Exercise
  • Progressing Your Exercise
  • Moments of Victory®: Inspiring Stories from People Living with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Appendix of Exercise Resources

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