Tour of Sufferlandria 2017

Hosted by:Victory Crew
Your Personal Torture Chamber SUFFERLANDRIA, Worldwide
Goal: $125,000
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This is the fifth edition of the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation the world has ever seen! The Official Route will be announced the 4th of January.

The Deets:
When: February 4-12, 2017
What: Nine straight days of Sufferfest videos and helping people with Parkinson's live well today!
Why: Because you can. Because it's GLORIOUS. And because we raise a TON of money for our partner charity, the Davis Phinney Foundation while you earn chances to win some pretty incredible prizes.
Where: Your own bike torture chamber and Sufferlandrian embassies worldwide.
Join the Action: The Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook page is the official Race Village. This is where event prep is discussed, route details are pored over, prizes are lusted after, and smack is talked. This is the place to see and be seen so get in there NOW and catch all the latest rumours*.

* The latest: The 2017 Queen Stage will surpass the tremendous terribleness of last year's 'Revolver+Revolver' double.


How Does This Work!?

Register.  Register for the Tour (be sure to select your country first to customize the address fields).  One $10 USD donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation is one chance in The Sufferfes's epic prize pool.  The sky is the limit and you can add donations to your fundraising page anytime until the tour ends. For every $10 USD you donate, you earn one chance in The Sufferfest's prize pool (so if you donate, say, $100, you earn 10 chances in the prize pool).

Donate Again. You can come back and increase your chances anytime.  Either right on your fundraising page OR anytime, you can click DONATE here and make a donation.  If you created/activated your fundraising page, you can find your name HERE to make a donation on your page or another Sufferlandrian's page (or simply just make a donation on the main page and it will count too). Heads up! If you make the donation on another fundraiser's page, you are giving those chances to that participant!

Fundraise.  (Optional) You can earn even MORE chances to win by turning your ToS into a fundraiser.  Once you register, you can send your fundraising page link to friends and family.  Each $10 donation made on your page is another chance for YOU to win!

Ride.  From Feb 4-12, get on your bike in your own torture chamber and ride the video for each stage of the Tour on the specified day. You DO NOT have to track or tell us or anyone whether you do the stages or how hard you ride. You are a Sufferlandrian, we trust you will do justice to the course.

Join the community. Be sure to join in the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook group - it's the Official Race Village and where all the trash-talk happens. It’s awesome fun.

Prizes. Once it's over, you will have accomplished something truly incredible. HONOR, GLORY and VICTORY will be yours. One week after the ToS, The Sufferfest will take the names of all the participants and randomly select prize pool winners. Winners will be notified by email and on the ToS info page.  Remember, for every $10 you donate or fundraise your name goes in the hat.  Donate $100 and you get 10 chances to win!

* It’s not really a race – it’s just you against yourself and whether you can push yourself for 9 days straight.

** Thanks to the wonders of a round planet and multiple timezones, each ‘Day’ on the Tour of Sufferlandria starts and finishes at the International Date Line. Practically, that means you have a 50 hour window in which to complete each stage. We’ll have a complete breakdown nearer the start of the Tour.

All donations made to your ToS fundraising page are 100% tax deductible.


Where do I send a check?  Send checks to the Davis Phinney Foundation with "ToS - YOUR NAME" in the memo to:
Davis Phinney Foundation
4730 Table Mesa Dr, Suite J200
Boulder, CO 80305



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